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Going Against the Current: Real Estate Professionals Are Still More Dependable than Algorithms for Home Valuation - Local Social Pro | Award-Winning Local Social Media Marketing

The goal of algorithms is to maximize everything. They have the power to end the chaos, ease burdens, and save lives. However, experts are concerned that they may also lead to an increase in unemployment, propagate bias, create filter bubbles, limit options, innovation, and spontaneity, and place an excessive amount of control in the hands of corporations and governments. The same is true of the real estate market. Homesellers and buyers have access to more tools than ever before for valuation. However, as the variety and number of tools increase, confusion elevates as well. If you are a homeowner, you may have wondered how much your property has valued since you first bought it. Additionally, although using an online estimator might seem handy, you might get some pretty inaccurate results, which is bad news for sellers in today’s fierce market. Here are some reasons why working with a local real estate expert is always preferable if you want to maximize your equity and learn how much your home is actually worth.

Algorithms Have Limitations and Are Subject to Error

Many homeowners mistakenly think that instant estimates are the same as expert appraisals, but in reality, it’s not. These real estate websites rely on potentially dated algorithms that use historical sold data, user-reported information, and property tax assessments to determine a potential selling price. Even though there is a lot of room for error, some estimators use AI to check photos of your house.

According to Bart Knijnenburg, assistant professor in human-centered computing at Clemson University, “The goal of algorithms is to fit some of our preferences, but not necessarily all of them: They essentially present a caricature of our tastes and preferences.. We simply can’t collect all the data elements that encompass a person’s complexity and all of their needs, wants hopes, and desires. This can only be determined through personal conversations with a real expert who can provide accountability.

The Overall Accuracy of Algorithms

The main problem with automatic home estimators is their overall accuracy or lack thereof. Zillow may have exceeded the capabilities of its algorithm in an effort to gain market share quickly, according to Tomasz Piskorski of Columbia Business School and a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

There are a lot of things that affect the valuation of homes that even very sophisticated algorithms cannot catch.”

– Tomasz Piskorski of Columbia Business School and a member of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

It is best to hire a professional and pay for a sworn valuation in order to determine value accurately. There is nothing better than having a real, and live human being assess your house. Someone who has the ability to physically “view” the house and evaluate it honestly in light of the market and current sales. It cannot be done by a computer. Purchasing a home and requesting valuation from an expert is a smart move when you have your heart set on a house and are convinced it is the right one. This most precise appraisal of a property’s worth is ideal, and your lender will likely demand it.

The Bottom Line

In this modern time, we demand quick, easy, and inexpensive access to information. Online real estate valuations are great for this reason, but buying and selling a home can be a drawn-out and complicated process, so you might need professional advice from a real person.
Speak with your expert who knows the ins and outs of the market. They can determine the potential selling price of your home in the current competitive market. For an additional level of accuracy, they can even take into account your remodeling work and recent sales information. Always trust the experts.

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